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A Little Work Outside Makes Us Feel Great Inside

We Noticed A Slight Problem

After the rain the other day

Not much water coming down our back gutter

Where is the water going?

We just purchased a Little Giant Ladder

Over three years and waiting

We bought it on sale

About fifty dollars off

Before we couldn't get up high enough

To see in our back gutter

With this mighty ladder

It is compact and versatile

It worked just perfectly

Not that heavy and moving it place to place

I got to see deep inside the gutter

Where there was mud and pine needles

Mostly blocking both ends

So after clearing it out first with my hands

Then with a garden hose

Spraying the water down the length of the drain

My wife helping me in every way

Together we doing a job that has to be done

I had put a spiral metal filter that keeps things from blocking up the gutter at each end

Maybe next time gutter guards

That's all for now

One project done safely

I like it when a job goes well and no bumps in the road

Now we are ready for the winter snow