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A Little Too Much

Manaalficient is currently pursuing bachelor in designing; majorly focusing on interior architecture.


A Little Too Much

Eighty five words
Erased and written
Back and forth

What I feel,
Is like a book full of vocabularies
With nonsensical meanings

Neglected plans and company
Deflected direction a needle spins away from
A memory in chunks of rust
Cigarettes' butts and leftover morsels
A lost picture stuck at the back of a drawer
A burnt film in a clutter of camera rolls.

I'm bones and sand in my poetry
A metaphor of my existence,
Choking secrets in
spaces between words.
I can only write much.

I'm commotion of a crowd
Tangled wires and unsteady lines
I've become so full of emptiness
No thing has lied this heavy on me

- Manaalficient

© 2019 Manaalficient