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A Little Push #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The government perhaps overcame those people with their voices not listened to nor

Their needs addressed. However, the leadership of the island’s spokesperson has told the

World that their needs have been met that what happened was like a fight between wives and

Their husbands, outsiders need not meddle into the affairs because after they have

Resolved the impasse between them, they will heap the blames on those who have meddled

In their affairs. Well the international communities again kept mute on this issue. In the

Meanwhile there are several other people who have been marginalized in the island and

Who have been crying for deliverance. The government will take a person out of the midst of

The marginalized ones and would give him money put him or her in positions of authorities

And then send the person back to his region to be harping their goodness to the people of

His island of the need to support the leaderships in position that with time it will be their own

Turn and then they also will have access to the bounties of the island and would be able to do

As they seemly find fit empowering their own people. Those people never knew that the

Powerful ones were playing on their intelligence and using their intelligence to solidify their

Positions and make their own children powerful in the island. While this continues the youths

Of the island who have been feeling neglected have also been talking, though nor heard

Neither listened to as the leaderships of the island have called them lazy ones, those who do

Not want to labor to achieve what they wanted. But the youths have been stating in different

Formats that they were not lazy and have been up and doing as divers of them have gotten

Been handling key positions in different disciplines. Yet the leadership of the island calls

Them lazy, good for nothing youths who should and could not be entrusted with anything in

The island, thence they keep on recycling old cargoes, people who do not know what is

Happening in the technological world, people who have not attended schools but have lied

And have presented falsified results to the people of the island, since falsified results could be

Presented many naïve people within the island have fallen to their lies, whims and

Caprices and have thought they were educated and thence the condition of the country

Continues to go from bad to worse and from worse to worst by the seconds.

Then the case of the security personnel who keep on harassing the youths, killing and

Maiming them at will and when they try to seek redress in the court of law, their case would

Not be brought up in time, and when it is eventually brought up, after the mention of their

Cases the cases would be postponed, the jurists would keep on postponing their cases.

While they were postponing their cases, they would arrange for killers to kill those people

While in the prison custody and would say he dies of heart attack or that the person has some

1969 "Everybody's Got A Right To Live" Protest Song

Sickness in his body before which was not known to his people and he had died from the

Complications of the sickness. While this continues, the outsiders barely know about this, and

They were thinking that things are really under control in the island and that the leaderships

Of the island have been doing a wonderful job and then the youths having been pushed to

The brink with the murdering of one of them in cold blood, while the law enforcement

Agency want to murder him, he did not know that there was someone nigh-by with his

Android phone on him who covered the scene and after this murdering and the person

Finds his way out of the place he shared the incident on the social media for all to see. This

Grieves the youth of the island and they started gathering together from the social media, then

To the physical to demand for redress of the issue, but again the government would not

Listen for they want to do as they were doing before, but unknown to them that the youths

Have had a rethinking of things and outside that have the recorded video of how one of them

Have been murdered and buried by those security personnel. When they discovered that

They could not be curtailed, they decided to manipulate their gathering, infiltrated their

Gathering with their thugs but they waded those off and would not allow for those people to

Infiltrate their camps. When the leadership sees that they could not use this means, they

Decide to use strong force against them, what the youths have been crying against, they raise

Up those who were defending the islands territories to start shooting and killing them and

Several youths with no arms on them have been silenced but the guns of the leaderships

Of the island through their cronies, loyalists the security personnel. Things escalated and then

Those people who have been pushing for freedom before started gathering themselves again,

This is the time to add a little push to this, for adding a little push to this would bring

Freedom to them, it is a long desired freedom for them, and on adding a little push to the

Struggling, the international community knows that things are not going as it should in the

Island. They could not be lied to again, as they now know that the leaderships of the

Island have not been doing the normal thing, thence, the most desired for freedom by those

People were granted them. The island would eventually be divided into fragments with strong

agreements been reached among the newly formed islands…


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