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A Little Push #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


In the island over the past months there have been unrests, series of protests by people of

The island over how the leaderships of the island rule them. the leaderships who have been

Colonized by an island from the west insisted on continuing with how they are leading the

Island, for that was how it has been handed over to them by their colonial rulers centuries

Ago. Albeit, prior this period, some people have arose to speak peacefully to the leaderships

Of how they could restructure things within the island, but those people have been labeled

Terrorists the leaders have said they have been sponsored by the opposition parties, their

Antagonists, but on checking the records of those people it could be discovered that they had

No iota of affiliation with any political party registered or planning to register in the island.

But because they are government on seat of power now, they had commanded the security

Personnel that were under them to get those people arrested, detained, and imprisoned. The

International communities have arisen to the situation and have condemned the act of the

Leadership of the island, but because the leadership of the island claims that they had

Regained their freedom and they needed not to be told of how they need to govern their own

People that they should leave them to continue to lead their own people as the seemly find

Feet because it is said that when a goat is given unto the masquerade the giver will not

Hold on to the rope that he uses in dragging the goat before the masquerade again as he

Will leave the goat together with the rope to the masquerade to use as he seemly find fit.

For the insult received, the international bodies of governance have backed out, they

No longer added voices to what is happening in the island again. and things seem to be

Under control again as the leaderships of the island continue to lead with impunity, arrests

Added to arrests, detaining the people of the island, killing people at their own discretion

Without resorting to the rule of law. Some of the natives of the island who managed to escape

From the island keep on talking outside the island to the international community of the need

To mediate in the affairs before things degenerate further, but the international community

Was yet to find a reason why she needs to mediate in the affairs of the island, delivering the

People from their powerful leaders. Along the line of this, some sects within the island who

Could not withstand what has been happening again, decides to break off the whole

System and this degenerated into serious war that lasted for months with several killings,

Those people were eventually overpowered and silenced by the leaderships of the island and

Since the time they have been silenced they have been cut off the central leadership

System of leaderships of the island. Having been cut off, they lay low, and started to seek

For ways to get off the island again. but this was extremely difficult for them to do, as they

Were being repressed, denied their rights and everything that ought to go to them were

Shared among other tribes with nothing going to their sides. While they were wandering in

This absolute darkness, they again arose from the abysmal pit that they have been to speak

Out of what they have been passing through in the hands of several leaderships of the

Island, and how they have been marginalized. They did this by coming together, to stage

Peaceful protests, in their area, yet the government who has been insensitive to their plights,

Would not see to what they were saying but misconstrued this and sent people to start

To destroy things claiming they were the ones destroying those things, some of the people

Were killed while many were arrested and imprisoned and were killed inside the prison Custody.

M-Josh - Song Of Freedom (Video) Dedicated To The Protest Against Bad Government In Nigeria


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