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A Little More Thankful With Each Step


Looking Forward

There is no better time than now

To count all my lucky stars

I am truely blessed

There are so many things that I don't have

That is just fine with me

I just recently got a quick reminder

What you have today

Is no guarantee

We like to listen to our ego and give so many reasons in our mind

How hard we have worked

Why we deserve all that we have

My dumb knee is a quick reminder

I was carrying my collapsable lawn mower in the cellar

Down the bulkhead stairs

It is heavy

One step at a time

Careful not to slip

There is little room for error

The mower weighs a ton

As soon as I was done

I felt a soreness in my right knee

That I have never felt before

My right knee began to buckle

I began to hobble instead of walk

The inside is tender

I keep thinking I just twisted it

This is how one moment

Changes everything

I tried to walk it off for the rest of the day

Everything I do

What before was the simplest routine

Now is a painful reminder

I rub my knee

Now is the right time

To pray

I was too busy to do it before

So many things in my life

All took first priority

There is no time to point the finger

I have to wait

Then see if it gets better

I can quickly find fault

It's my bum knee to blame

I ran track for three years in high school

I never had an injury

Why should it give me trouble now?

I do remember

How other runners suffered so

I never had an issue

I know I was so happy but I also felt guilty

Each runner is no different than me

We all did the same workouts

Each day pounding the pavement

Trying to push ourselves to the limit

After high school

I decided to stop running

Realizing how long can I keep pressing my luck

If something happens

When my knees start giving me trouble

I have to go to work

Earn a living

This is my career

I am on my feet every day

It's my job

It is my lively hood

The risk is too high for me

I enjoyed running and all the races I ran

While I did it

Now I walk

That puts less stress on each joint and muscle

It is the best way to go

I often dreamed of returning back to running

Now I realize

How quickly we forget

We keep changing our minds all the time

That is what people do

I sit here

Moving my right knee

Ever so slowly

Thinking it will just go away

Then I can forget this point in my life

Completely erase this moment from my mind

I have no answers

I have done things that I think will work

Elevate it

Prop it up on some pillows

Ice it for ten minutes

When I tried to go to sleep

I was so uncomfortable

I normally sleep on my side

Now my only option

Was flat on my back

So instead of starting my own pitty party

I decided to find the good in the bad

So many times in my life

I never gave my knees a second thought

Like all my other body parts

I forgot them all

I put them on the back burner

They work so well together

I was off dreaming

How to conquer the world

Now I see how silly that may be

Instead of enjoying each second that makes up my day

I am no different

Then so many other people in the world

I want more, more, more

Well, this is reflection time

You always find time to miss something when it is gone

Hopefully, my body will rise to the occasion

Healing itself slowly over time

For now, I have to walk with a limp

If this persists

I will have to see the doctor

Now I am very uneasy

Restless to say the least

Even sitting becomes a real tear-jerker

I will end it here

Now is a good time as any

To start counting my blessings

Like they are numbers on a number line

That brings me back to my childhood

When I was in math class

Learning and wondering

Will, I ever use what the teacher is talking about?

Numbers go on to infinity

I am positive

Blessings go even farther

Can you name the cartoon character?

That tried to give us a hint

Maybe we heard it

Maybe we thought for one second

It is only a kids movie

The line is so perfect

From infinity and beyond


Even after I wrote this

My mind is trying very hard

To find the answers

I bought a large knee brace

To see if pampering my knee might work

Maybe that will do the trick

Talk to it

As if it had a mind of it's own

In a last-ditch effort

To make what is wrong right

Aren't they just silly excuses?

That my mind conjure up


DREAM ON (author) on August 12, 2019:

Gypsy Rose Lee I love keeping an open mind. You never know what little things can happen that can make your day so interesting. You have found such a perfect way to write and express your feelings through your thoughts of the day. So many people just dismiss what they do as unimportant. I think every small piece makes up the whole. Without all the pieces we wouldn't have a puzzle. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I hope your day goes beautiful.

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on August 09, 2019:

I find that the things that go around me day by day and the thoughts I have greatly help to inspire me for writing. I just keep jotting ideas down in a notepad and then when I have the time I put it all together.

DREAM ON (author) on August 08, 2019:

John Hansen I hope your sore heel is healed. My real test is when I go back to work. Then I am on my feet and there is no way around it. I have been trying everything to make it better. Stretching when I can. I feel better and then it gets sore again. Thank you for reading and caring. I really appreciate when you take the time and tell me a story on what is happening in your life. I know I keep trying to share in hopes to break down the imaginary walls of life. Things happen every day and unless we tune in they go unnoticed and slip under the rug. When we watch life closely we see so many amazing events good and bad intertwined tightly together. Have a great night.

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 08, 2019:

Michael, I can relate to this as I have had a sore heel for over a month now. It comes good for awhile but then I am in pain again and it hinders almost all I do especially when I have to walk a lot. We tend to take our knees and feet for granted when we are younger and often suffer later because of it. I enjoyed reading your hub as usual. I hope your knee improves soon.

DREAM ON (author) on August 08, 2019:

Lorna Lamon I was so excited that you found my poem interesting. I apologize for some of the spelling errors. I went back and found some and made the necessary corrections. I am the real deal. I make mistakes and I admit them. I think we all like to think we are perfect at something and want people to believe it so we can also believe our own fantasy. I try to do the opposite. I fight with my ego and come forth and say yes I make mistakes and I will and constantly try better. If you judge me on just my grammar you are missing the point. It's all about the content. You validated my writing career. I think and try to relate to people in some way. Reach them on many levels. I keep trying to say in words I have been there. It is not easy. I know. I get it. Hang in there. Find a way to turn your life around. Do what works for you. When your happy other people will be happy too. No real proof of that. Just an inner belief. I have many of those. I hope you don't think I went off on a tangent or a rant. I think of thoughts that relate to that moment. I try to dig deep into my emotions and it is very intimidating. I make mistakes and I have found the sooner I own up to them, my mind can move on. What I think of isn't always something I was taught. So I don't know where it comes from. Maybe two good thoughts together produce a new thought is like having a baby. Without all the labor pains. I will say writing is hard. All woman get all my respect and praise for delivering a baby. I mean more like something created from two thoughts like a baby is created from two people. My head races with ideas I do everything in my ability to express. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and I miss the boat. So I wait for the next one. Do you know what time it arrives? (lol) I love dry humor. When you laugh because something is funny internally not necessarily the way most people think with swears and foul language or insulting others. I pick fun at myself and nobody gets hurt. Thank you for being the first to respond. I am very happy and excited to sit at the computer and type. (hopefully) write something nice and beautiful. I can go on and on. I have found in the past I scare people away because I talk too much. I am just expressing another side of me that is like a sand trap. Until you dig deep you never know what is deep inside. I uncover good and bad feelings. So I think other people might do the same. I can be a leader instead of a follower. At least in my mind if not in real life. Thank you so much for sharing. May today bring you just a little more happiness than before. One more reason to explore life and all we see and don't know.

Lorna Lamon on August 08, 2019:

Your poems conjure up so many images for me full of depth and life. Great writing Dream On.

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