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A Little Fixing Up Things

Where To Begin

Down our cellar

At one corner working over to another

No that won't work

A few containers on the bottom has seen better days

So I have to start right in the middle and work my way out

As I move a few boxes

Checking to see what is in each one

Old memories long and forgotten

Tools that use to be someones favorite

Things passed on from one generation to another

There were some of my favorite books

Old notes and so much more

A touch of present day

A look deep into my past

Some old records and games

Pulled out on occasion

Today is a busy time

People move fast on to the next moment

When I was growing up

We took our time

Enjoyed what we were doing without thinking of other things

The weather freezing cold and windy outside

I got to do a few things inside

That I have been wanting to do

My life may not change a lot from yesterday

It is sure fun to carry today's memories forward

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