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A Little Bit Of Work

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Whenever There Is Time

I sit myself down

Write my thoughts and ideas out on paper

To see where I have been

Even guide me to where I might be going

There are many obstacles in my way

I treat them as small stops along my trip

Like when I was a kid

All dressed up on Halloween

Going house to house

Saying the same line over and over

Trick or treat

Give me something good to eat

I didn't start the holiday

I always thought of it as a time we could act out our fantasy

For one day it was o.k.

Each house was different

Every reaction was also not what I expected

It was a lot of fun

Then one day I was told

I was too old

I was sad and thought why ?

It was only for kids

I could no longer walk around and experience the joy

Of dressing up and being a super hero or something I wasn't

I lost part of my childhood that day

I don't think it will ever come back

Years later I passed out candy and got to see other children have fun

It wasn't the same as being them

I learned what some people call a hard lesson

Listening to people who thought they knew what was right

I never even wanted to go to parties all dressed up

Because the pain was too great

The reminder of one day of having fun and the next time it was gone

There was no gradual change

From being young to adult hood

I look back at those years

How could they have been different ?

I watched parents walk around with their kids and they were happy enough

I later worked on Halloween when I was old enough to work

Soon the old traditions faded and less children walked around house to house

They would have a Halloween party at city hall for all the children

Times have changed

Children had to be safe from the crazies out there

I couldn't believe that some people would want to harm innocent children

By putting something in the candy

To make them sick or hurt

Then I also remembered as a child

I had to bring home all my candy

My mother and father checked it all over

I thought they just would take the good candy for them

Maybe they didn't want me to have to much

So they took out some

What they really did

If anything looked open or unsafe

They through it out

I never had a problem

In the news I heard of issues

They always seemed far and distant

Almost made up

Unfortunately they were true

My memory of Halloween will always be walking around and looking at so many other costumes

That were far better than mine

I remember saying wow that was so cool

How great would it be

If for one time

I could be you

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