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A Little Bit of Cleaning

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While I Worked On The Outside She Worked Inside

I was checking on our house

We got a real lot of rain

The water pooled up in many spots in the yard

I don't mind that

As long as it doesn't make it's way into the cellar

Tonight is suppose to turn cold

The puddles of water will turn to ice

Luckily under the ground

All is still frozen

So it will give the water time to disappear

We have a drain in the front of our house that pours into the culvert

The neighbors house to our left is higher than our house

So the water in their yard trickles down to ours

The house to our right is lower than ours

So our water trickles down to them

We both have a good size yard with grass

I put buckets around the house to catch some rain

They help but to what degree I am not sure

There is nothing else to do

We just have to wait it out

These are just one of the many things a homeowner has to deal with when buying a home

As I come in from the rain

My wife was busy cleaning the bathroom

She just cleaned our bedroom

Then she swept the kitchen floor

Enough for now

Our home is looking pretty nice

I like many things about our home

It is small and not a lot of maintance

We had it built in March of 2003

We have made some nice changes since then

Adding on a back deck and a shed

We have painted each room different colors

Changed propane guys for a better price in fuel

Bought a new kitchen faucet when the old one broke

Added gravel to our driveway

So we could avoid tracking in the mud

These were small steps to make our house more beautiful

We plan on living here till our final days

So many people want to move to a smaller home or somewhere else when they get old

We fell in love with our house and it will always be our home sweet home

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