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A Little Bird Told Me ~ Poems For Our Feathered Friends

John is a nature and animal lover. He now has five cats, three hens, and various backyard visitors.

A pair of wise owls

A pair of wise owls

A Little Bird Told Me To Lighten Things Up

Updates of the Coronavirus continues to assail the news and social media, and the only way to escape it seems to be stay at home (not much choice in that regard) and turn off the TVs, phones, and computers. Easier said than done, however. There is talk here of the Government easing some restrictions from tomorrow following a welcome downturn in the number of new cases. This will include allowing families to go on picnics etc. I just hope restrictions are introduced slowly and monitored so we don't see another spike.

Even the birds are chattering to me to lighten up and write things that are more uplifting to take people's minds off the current situation. I am doing my best, but even that is easier said than done as references to the virus keep sneaking in to what I write. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these little poems regardless.

Budgerigar: Photo by Oli Sumit from Pexels

Budgerigar: Photo by Oli Sumit from Pexels

Like a Bird in a Cage

Budgie sitting in a cage,

trained to talk and sing,

saying, "Who's a pretty bird?'

as he sways upon a swing.

Is he really happy though,

when he has no chance to fly?

Stuck behind those metal bars,

a bit like you and I.

But we've just been restricted

to stop this virus spread,

the budgie's in a cage for life,

"Bluey dance!" he'll nod his head.

This lockdown makes us edgy

and anxious to get out,

to socialize with others,

and be free to move about.

So, if the cage door's left ajar

do you think the bird will stay,

or take a chance at freedom

and swiftly fly away?

Most people love their freedom,

and hate to be confined.

To take a risk and leave their homes

will surely cross some minds.

So why do we encage a bird

who's meant to live in trees?

Is it just to entertain

selfish souls like you and me?

There Are Still Pigeons In The Park

While the people are in lockdown

and the world is looking stark,

the one thing that I'm sure of -

there are still pigeons in the park.

As we practice social distancing

the birds just carry on,

looking for rare scraps of food,

or statues to mess upon.

So, even though we're stuck at home

and a little out of touch,

the wildlife all around us

really hasn't changed that much.

Pigeons: Photo by Artem Saranin from Pexels

Pigeons: Photo by Artem Saranin from Pexels

Nothing's a Worry

(A Statue’s Address to a Bird - Dr Seuss Style)

Nothing’s a worry,

Oh no it is not!

It cannot annoy me,

Oh no, it can not!

Even your doo doo

Cannot make me mad.

It’s just what birds do,

So, doo doo and be glad!

Nothing can faze me,

Oh no, it can not!

So doo doo your best,

I look good in spots!

Statue with pigeons: Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

Statue with pigeons: Photo by Matthis Volquardsen from Pexels

© 2020 John Hansen

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