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A List For Love

I'm not looking to be turned into somebody's dream
But if you want me to I'll listen to what you mean
If you've reached the time where life must go your way
I'm not sure if I'll fit, I'm not sure you'll let me stay

They say we should always compromise
Perfection doesn't always get its way
If it's perfect we will always have a good day
It doesn't have to be the same as yesterday

That's quite a long list of things to make you happy
You said you can wear your jeans or go out looking fancy
Maybe you're hoping two or three will turn my hat your way
I have a long list too but I'd rather just throw it away

They say there's always one out there for you
I can think of a few times when I thought that was true
I don't want to lay all that pressure by your side
Let's be who we are, nobody will ever say somebody lied

Throwing my list away
Throwing my list away
It's better to listen to you
Than write my list for love today

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