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A Light Yagami Poem

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An anime enthusiast who enjoys writing and poetry. Like many, Death Note was one of my first animes


The Names He Wrote

At the beginning, Light had it all,

Perfect grades, girls, friends, and family,

But one day, from the sky, a book would fall,

And Light's life would change indefinitely.

He spent most of his time writing names in the book,

With no sympathy or care for the lives he took.

Kira became his brand new name,

And his terrible actions brought him a lot of fame.

Light's work caught the attention of Misa and L,

FBI agents were deployed, his father led the police force,

Unlike L, Light's poor father couldn't tell,

That it was in fact his own son who was killing without remorse.

Misa became infatuated with her darling Light,

But he only used her to progress his fight.

Despite everything, L wanted to be his friend,

Unbeknownst to him, that would help lead to his end.

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