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Letter to a Rock on Acid

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Acid Assisted Contemplation: Dear Rock,

A brooding rumination on a rock's arduous journey through the universe, facilitated with a generous serving of LSD.


O' tell me hard rock,

Of the wayward down.

For your journey is far longer and more arduous than mine.

Tell me how you came such depths,

To bask in what glorious sun.

Tell me of the dark,

For my child's eyes have not seen, nor even shall know of such.

Tell me of heat,

The unknowable blast of nova.

The stagnant cold of empty space.

Tell me oh hard rock,

Of your mobile and intrepid youth.



Laying with the many bodies of other elements in the heated orgy of procreation.

Tell me hard rock of the true birth,

The fractal womb of honest outset into unknowable existence.

To see it all and care for none,

Do you miss them rock?

The others along the way.

The ones melted,




Blasted away.

Do you miss them rock?

The other elements lost along the way,

On your ever long and arduous journey here,

To bask in what glorious sun.

My only sun,

But one of many.

But she is mine,

Is she yours?

Have you known others?

Was the radiance of the supernova once the illumination for the dance floors you have circled?

What was her name?

Has there even been another since?

Do you loathe basking in the warmth of an unchosen lover?

Do you pine for a different warmth, old rock?

Is this warmth not your own?

Not your choosing?

Tell me old rock.

For time I have,

Yet, less so than you.


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