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To a Driver Stuck on Red

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.

All He could see was red


Dedicated to someone who held me up in traffic

Dear Sir! I say this in haste

A green light you laid to waste

Did you hear the car horn’s call?

Did you look in the rear view mirror at all?

I had places to go

But your response to change was so slow

And because I was forced to wait

My arrival to my destiny was late!

So, thanks to you

I’m a melancholy blue

Because the only color you saw, instead

Was a light so red.


Letters in verses: The Epistle Poem

Friendly letters rarely follow a set of rules. In some cases, they can be organized in a creative form of literature and poetry. Thus, it comes as no surprise that many noted poets have turned simple letters into an adventure in verses.

The epistle is a popular form of poetry. Basically, it has all the trappings of a lyrical, syllabic or free-verse poem while being a letter.

The rules are simple: It has to be dedicated to someone. Everything else is based on the writer.

It’s hard to pinpoint when epistles first emerged. Still, nearly every poet of note has written at least one or two of them. The most notable ones were written by such poets as John Donne, A.H. Auden, and Burns. Each one used various schemes or styles to formulate their poems. Also, all of them were directed at a personal friend, celebrity, or another poet (as Auden did in the 40 page-long “A Letter to Lord Byron”).

Also, epistles can vary in theme and subject matter. Some take on serious tones while others are light-hearted.

Using letters for writing instructions

Having students write friendly letters is a great way to start students on a writing process. Often, friendly letters allow them to be loose and free with their writing. It also a chance for instructors to show the difference between friendly and business letter.

And, a business letter can be used to teach students about persuasive essays. In other words, each one can build upon each other.

One make that argument in teaching creative writing. A friendly letter can lead to setting up a scenario for story-telling or -- in the case of this poem -- it can used as an idea for a poem such as the epistle.


Religion and the Epistle

Epistles are not hard to find; especially if you own the Holy Bible.Several books within the Old and New Testament use this device. Also, it appears that the literary device is used in numerous variations of the Bible including the King James Bible and the Eastern Orthodox versions.

The New Testament's 27 books are divided into four "genres." One of the four genres are collections of epistles. Those epistles are subdivided, as well: They are known as:

♦Pauline Epistles (with nine books)

♦Pastoral Epistles ( five books)

♦ General Epistles (seven books)

The following video is just one example of these epistles.

The Book of the First Epistle of John

© 2012 Dean Traylor

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