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A Letter to Our Daughter Careese. A Most Loving Offering to Jeneve.

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

My Daughter, Careese

My Daughter, Careese

Dearly Beloved,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love you; how much you mean to me. The Light that shines in me is the same one glimmering in the deepest recesses of your Spirit and this makes me divinely proud; supremely happy.

Continue to be loving to your mom; your friends … your enemies. This life is sometimes one of shadows and setbacks. As such you will most certainly stumble. A fall from slippery snow, does not mean that the same snow isn’t beautiful. You simply need to learn the know-how of walking on this edge. Pick yourself up… go forward; go upward; go inward.

How I yearned to hold these sweet conversations my dear, my sweet … cute … charming child. I sometimes whispered the resonance of silence in your ears; talked to your magnanimous Heart with the language of Love. Alas! You were too young to comprehend. Still, nothing is ever wasted and now I see that the fruits of my silent endeavours, kissing the breath of thy memories, is finally bearing fruits.

Careese and Friend

Careese and Friend

Know that you are Bliss, the very pulse of existence … a unique dream of God. Without you, there never was anything made that was made. That which does not exist, can never come into being; that which exists, can never cease to be. As such you are the mother of all jewels; the sun of all suns. Your sparkle dances in the heavens; your inner joy echoes in the universal Heart where all are One.

But you must believe this. Have passion and a one-pointed focus to achieve great things, knowing while doing so, that it is the essence of the One within, the Inner Pilot, which navigates your sails. This is the secret of secrets. Know this and be free.

Let greatness be your aim, but Surrender to the Source of this Power, must be ever present. Learn to be used for the Higher Love and not to use this Love. There is a significant difference.

Say with the Master: “I can of my own self do nothing. It is You who dwelleth within me, who doeth the work. Alleluia! Yet the effort must be made until your capacity ends; until you are rendered helpless and begin to see the One who is all-knowing; all-wise and all-powerful doing it all on your behalf. Sweet Mercy, grant me the Grace to walk through a thousand Hades, if only to see Thy wondrous gaze. Glory be!!



So my Dear, minimise your anxieties, as they are sometimes as imaginary as shadows. The Light shines in Heaven even when the night is full; the stars and clouds will emerge, once the darkness and monsoons disperse upon the call of God. Yes, all is His and as you came out of His Light, so too, you will return when He summons. Why worry? He is the fate-changer and the Light-transformer.

So my Dearest, as the New Year dawns and we walk forwards to a new and abundant life, let us walk meaningfully, with purpose and an ever-growing melody, echoing in our souls.

Lantern Carrier, 6th January, 2018

~ Awakening The Inner Light ~

Careese Hutchinson

Careese Hutchinson

Ode to Our Daughter Careese

O my Absolute One, O Beloved,

You have immaculately transformed our blooming flower,

Into a most radiant rose.

Sweet Weaver, You have woven her –

Like a peerless tapestry –

Into the most precious gift.

Who says there is no wonder, no awe?

We awoke upon a golden dawn,

Only to find her flooding our Hearts,

With the brilliant hue of her lustre.

Shining with the opulence of the sun,

Her inner rays soothes and calms our Spirit;

Her elegance dances upon the wings of Light.

I remember, lying on the lap of the Caribbean moonlight,

Cute Orion, tugging at my Heart with its allure.

But now this septred jewel; this priceless pearl of ours,

Seems so much more beautiful!

I have seen butterflies, emerge from their cocoon,

Only to emanate like rainbows.

Stars twinkle in the twilight of the night,

A miracle of the mercy of Love.

But now we see Your enchanted magic,

Oozing from the perfect symmetry of her smile,

And we feel blessed.

O my Boatman! O Pilot Supreme!

Do continue to navigate the song-bird of her soul,

So that she can find her way HOME.

24th December, 2017 – Manatita, The Lantern Carrier.

~ Awakening the Inner Light ~

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© 2018 manatita44

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