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A Letter of Goodbye for My First Love

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Denise is a communication student, a poet and a book lover. She enjoys watching documentaries and film.

Hello my dear,

There are few things I want you to know before I would say goodbye,

A few things I wanted you to hear for the last moment.

Let me start from thanking you,

Thank you for the wonderful memories we've shared.

Thank you for admiring my personality.

Thank you for saying I am beautiful inside and out.

Thank you for making me one of your friends.

Thank you for sharing your happy thoughts with me.

Thank you for leaning on my shoulders when you were sad.

Thank you for the laughters and tears we've had together.

Thank you for making me feel I'm worthy to be loved.

Thank you for letting me experience a life without insecurity around my head.

Thank you for making me feel I am the most beautiful girl in your eyes.

Thank you for holding my hands when I am about to let go.

I thank you for staying with me all through my ups and downs.

I do thank you for the very last moment that you had with me, you still assure my happiness even if it would be a pain for you.

And now,

I say sorry,

Sorry for letting you go a hundred times.

I am sorry that I'm weak and impatient and that I haven't waited for you.

Sorry for always making you wait for nothing.

Sorry for giving you false hopes and letting you down.

I'm sorry for leaving you at the time you needed me the most.

I am sorry that I was a coward,

A coward for not fighting for you and me.

Sorry that I am too selfish and self-centered.

Sorry that I caused a lot of damage in your life.

I am sorry that I have let you go over and over again.

But remember these,

Remember I still care for you

And that I want to see you happy.

Even we're afar, you'll always be inside of me.

Hidden, but not forgotten.

Even if we're not together, I'll always come with you in prayers.

And even if we are on separate paths now, my heart will never part from you and that you will always be loved by this.

Eventhough you and I would never see each other again, I would always be reminded of our memories,

our laughters,

our tears,

And of course,

I would always remember your name

And your beautiful smile

Because until the end,

I would cherish you.

This may be a goodbye,

But not a goodbye for my love for you.