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A Letter for Unknown


Are you willing to say hello to the old sheets of blank paper?

Is the ink of your ancient pen still working?

How about the bottles of beer messing on your floor?

The dead paper under your not working cassette player?

You will never be the same as before,

Why can't you accept that?

Why are you still hanging on the same situation you've drown to?

You're ashamed of your own self.

Remember the first time no one helped you?

The time when you needed strength but they refused you?

You carry the burden when it was still heavy for you,

You carry yourself because no one will for you.

Are you still mad?

Are you confuse how did I know that?

Do your heart still pounding from pain?

Are you gonna cry again like the wounded child before?

Maybe you are still wondering,

Why do I know you so much,

Why do I kept on blabbering things outta you,

I don't even know you.

Who the hell are you?

Ask yourself,

Do you felt that?

Do you know yourself now?

© 2018 Rhen Balgame

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