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A Letter to the Boy I Couldn't Love Back

An open letter to the boy who loved me but I couldn't love back...


I am so sorry...

I don't have to the words to say how I feel in this moment.

But this was never meant to be. We are two very different people.

And you hurt me once before.

So much that I just can't feel how I felt at the start.

I know you tried to get me to feel that way again. You gave me compliments and confessed your feelings, tried to make me see that you changed.

But words are just words

And I needed actions. Actions you just couldn't give me when I needed them.

So I'm afraid its too late.

Too late for us to be what you wanted us to be.

Too late for me to feel the way you feel.

I know how you felt about me, I could tell without you saying those three little words.

And I know you would have said them the minute we saw each other again.

And thats why I had to end it before that could happen.

I couldn't watch those words leave your lips and look at you the same way.

It crushed me to tell you how I really felt. To tell you that I didnt feel the fire anymore.

To tell you that I didnt think I could love you the way you needed me to, the way you loved me.

Without judgement, without doubt, with passion and fire.

I just didnt feel that.

And I'm so sorry.

I tried for so long to make myself feel that again so that I wouldnt have to break your heart the way your broke mine.

The way mine had been broken many times before.

Just know that I did it for the both of us. So that we could both move on and find true happiness.

And I want you to know that I am always here as a friend, a confidant.

We know so much about each other and we've been such a big part of one anothers journey in life.

I don't want to lose you completely, but we can't go on as lovers.

I will always care about you...

I will just love you in a different way.

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