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A Legacy of a Rainbow Poet: Poem - A Humble Offering to John Hansen!

Sean is a teacher who is writing about his spiritual adventures to help other people find balance and self-respect.


It is always the right time to do what is right!

— Sean Dragon


From the first time I read one of John's poems, I understood that I had just found a human treasure. Many times since then I have used his poetry as "vacation" for my mind! Really, I have done it many times. I return home, late at night, after many hours of teaching and I need a place for my mind to escape and be filled with positive energy. I want to see the rainbow after the storm, and let my Soul "recharge" with beauty. John's poems are the best place!

A rainbow after the storm, that's the best way to describe Jodah's poetry. Full of colours of kindness, hope, heartfulness, spirituality and Love! What I love most is that his poems are multileveled parables which can offer you more knowledge and Light as you "dig" deeper!

I am grateful for the blessing to know this Rainbow Poet and for calling him friend and brother in Love. The least I can do to express my gratitude is to offer him this poem which is inspired by the great John's article, "A Creed for the Third Millennium".

I think that this article is an excellent "map" for a happy journey through life. I have used his "12 rules for a Better, Happier Life" (bold characters) to write a tribute poem. I know that it cannot be compared with the beauty and mastery of Jodah's work, but it is full of my Love and respect for his luminous Heart. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, John, thank you for the beauty of the Rainbow colours you give us with your poetry! I wish to you and your lovely family peace and happiness!

A Legacy of a Rainbow Poet

Always be grateful for the wonders you live,

Every single day is a miracle if you think.

So, be respectful and don't forget to give,

You have the chance with every single blink.

Fill your life with love and give praise where it is due,

Every day has many moments to try for your best.

On this planet, we all belong to the same crew,

So remember that with all the beings we are blessed.

Find your purpose in life, what you meant to be,

It's not easy, it may seem the hardest thing to do.

But every happy Soul on this planet will agree,

Any other goal must be in number two.

Appreciate what you have and stop comparing yourself to others.

Life is not a winning race, not a competition or a boxing game.

You don't have to be better than your sisters and your brothers

Just try to become a better you, to rekindle the Inner Flame.


Practice forgiveness every day is the elixir of the soul.

Don't forget; nobody's perfect, we all make mistakes.

Negative energy sickens your Heart, set it under your sole,

Only the weak cannot forgive, is like living with the snakes.

Surround yourself with happy and inspiring people,

Negative ones are always blaming others for their mess.

Don't let them make your Spirit feeling cripple,

You can Love them, but can you save them? Have a guess.

Look for the positive in every situation, no matter how hard it is.

Growth doesn't happen in comfort, show respect to any scar.

Carbon transformed under pressure, that's what a diamond is.

Only your stance on the conditions determines who you really are.

Embrace your inner child; it is the God in you.

A kid is full of love, of innocence and dreams.

Impossible is nothing, and there is no evil too.

A better world exists in a child's eyes gleams.


Do good and don't be a hypocrite, mean everything you say.

If you seek happiness and harmony, give more than you take,

Serving and offering with no reward is the meaning of the play.

Be honest, reliable and don't let your actions prove you fake.

Keep an open mind, don't judge and discriminate,

Poisonous thoughts can hurt you more than you believe.

Instead of accusing others help them to illuminate.

Embrace the difference, learn, love and let others live.

Live for the moment, after all, you have only this.

Stop trying to predict and plan things too far ahead,

This time, this place is where you can live the bliss.

Happiness is a journey, live it, travel without dread.

Don't worry or stress about the future, for all the things it may bring.

You have the power, the potential, become a rainbow after a storm

Action makes you stronger, after the Winter comes the Spring.

The answer always lies within you, and it is Love in any form.

Do not whine about your choices. Advocate them or change them.

— Sean Dragon

© 2019 Ioannis Arvanitis

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