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A Killer View: Looking Back on the Day George Floyd was Murdered

Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  


There are Devils Amongst Us

My heart sank as the video of what happened to George Floyd was being played on May 25, 2020. I could not believe that we were actually witnessing, after the fact, a murder taking place—a murder committed by police.

In two months, it will be a year since this nightmare happened. Today, and all week, I have been glued to the television watching the trial that may bring the justice that the Floyd family deserves, and really the whole world. After all, the world witnessed this evil deed of murder, whether in real-time or on video.

Breaking News: The Killers Wore Blue


Red, Yellow, BLACK, and White, All are Precious in His Sight

When thinking back to the very first things we learn when we are young children, I bet, like me, you remember your mother teaching you the simple little song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children?" It was easy to remember. I'm sure you loved to sing it just as much as I did. The words easy to understand-Jesus, our savior, loved all the people of this world. It's really a brilliant song when you think about it. Using the color technique to teach us at the earliest of ages that we are all equal. We are all loved. We are all beautiful, and we are all HUMAN!

When do some people lose the capability to remember those simple words? What changes? I wonder if parents taught this to their children and then confused the heck out of them later in life when they told them they could not marry out of their race?

Obviously, this has happened because growing up in the south, the so-called Christians' racism has been the most hypocritical part I have witnessed living here. The hypocrites helped me realize that I am firm in my own independent thinking and feelings. Discovering the truth of my own community was when I totally lost religion and found the real God. He is the universe. We are a product of him. We are one. I suggest a lot of you look for him yourselves!

An Insane Reality

As I think about this day and I watch the horrific video evidence that the prosecution has shown. The reality is that May 25, 2020, was such a tragedy in so many ways.

We now know that children as young as 9-years-old witnessed this ruthless tyranny on a black man, and for what? Nothing. Watching Mr. Floyd alive and well in the store just moments away from a senseless death at the hands of the very people who took an oath to serve and protect but instead killed him was gut-wrenching.

Reviewing these scenes with the world, all of us can clearly see that there was no reason to bring that type of force to anyone. As the oldest lieutenant of the Minneapolis Police Department testified today-the protocol that would render such top-tier force was not warranted in this situation at all.

Therefore, this is my hope. I hope that the jurors do the right thing in this case. I hope George Floyd will see justice from heaven above.


A Killer View : In the Spirit Realm of George

A dog day of fighting

Obscurity is my presence.

I must realize my continuation.

It is of no significance to an oinker.

He is an illiberal maggot, who…

feeds his own false righteousness.

A purest of white embodied in

cross flames unseen. But we see…

You see…that his deeds are vile.

Spitting torment in our faces…

as he buries my flesh into concrete.

My dear mama comes to receive me.

I have not left. My body is empty.

My spirit is above.

I can see all the pain that stands on…

the stoop.

I thank you all for the unity. Standing

strong in the face of adversity.

Circumstances dismayed me. Yet

my soul is now whole.

Even though I left this planet--

under evil defiance…

I still exist in the humanities--

of valiance.

In the courage of the ones

who witnessed this

killer view.

With the ones who will find

My justice for my killers

newest noose.

We Have a Voice

© 2021 Missy Smith