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My Trip to the World Within


When I can’t take interest in the world around

When I forget all the things surround

Then I close my eyes

For a new sunrise

And my new journey begins

It is not anywhere out but within

Now I cannot pay attention to any sound

All my energies are bound

I take a deep plunge

Only there I want to indulge

My inner world is as deep as the sea

But I find there myself free

This world is like the deep wood forest

Where my existence can take rest

At the entrance it is dark

As I proceed further I see a spark

I continue to walk

There is no one to talk

When I pass that darkness

I see so much brightness

Now I can see colors all around

A beautiful colored world I found

I feel there eternal peace

I have God’s bliss

Now all my senses are revived

All my energies are recharged

Now I open my eyes

Everything I find nice

I can see good in all

I feel for everyone from my soul

I can read between the lines

I think every now and then fine

My heart has been purified

My soul has been verified

It has been a nice trip

My whole being is in God’s grip.


© 2020 thoughtsprocess


thoughtsprocess (author) from Navsari (India) on July 31, 2020:

Thank you so much Lorna Ma'am. I am so glad that you found it so.

Lorna Lamon on July 31, 2020:

I like to mediate especially after a busy and trying day. This poem reminded me of those feeling of calmness and peace. Lovely.

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