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A Journey Through The Train Along Suburbs

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People prefer to travel by road to reach their destination,

It may be convenient for short distances, however for long distance travel, it has it's own limitations.

Taking a train would be the best choice in that case,

And the experience would be so amazing that you'll forever keep it in embrace.

At the railway station...

Carrying and transferring the luggage is a difficult task to perform,

Also people selling 'chaai' and other things around us swarm.

Along the journey...

Making friends with acquaintances is usual,

Reading magazines and listening to music becomes a ritual.

People bring in rings, earings and bangles to sell,

Which are of various designs and colours including red and pastel!

You get to witness the beauty of the Countryside,

The floral gardens, farmlands and lakes , which are to our eyes a great delight!

We get to see a lot of new places and people without actually visiting them,

And unexpected help from strangers gives you a feeling of absolute overwhelm.

And when the this noisy yet soothing journey comes to an end,

It gives you a feeling of nostalgia which is difficult to comprehend!

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