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A Husband and Wife Together Forever

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What Does It Feel Like

Knowing you are part of something greater

There is not a thought you can not share

All your weaknesses are revealed

No more competition

A team that works together on all our struggles

Then rejoices in it's greatest achievements

Finding each others differences a refreshing view

Where we can discover our own opinions

Respecting each persons insight

To reach a new understanding

Living each day fully

Giving and feeling the satisfaction

Of touching someone so deep

Each positive emotion expands to a greater purpose

Than it ever could be before

Opening a new direction

Only to find more to explore

Love leads to more love

Passion increases the satisfaction

Each doing what we want to do

Realizing our goals are so closely related

Our dreams rekindle our earliest desires

The silhouettes of two bodies connecting

In a dance of all dances

The sensations that please the mind and the body

Take us to a place and time

That we are joined

Finding new ways to celebrate

The world from a special spot inside of us

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