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A Human Savior (an Election Cycle)

Sometimes it's just a feeling
And that's good enough
If they don't get it
Then they never will
Until it happens to them

But then it's too much
They want it all
The people must pay
And they must be paid
But don't ever ask them

Can they preach louder?
Can they point farther?
Deep into your soul
Smashing you eardrums
Until their thoughts are yours

Give it a rest
I don't need another savior
Maybe someone else does
I can understand that
But why do you nail someone else?

When was righteousness born?
Was it a womb meant for life?
Or is it also for death?
I 'll never understand
The path towards an untimely end

So I must ask you again
Do you get it?
Is it a fact that you are correct?
Give me the book you read
Or are the feelings only yours?

© 2022 Mark Lecuona

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