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A Hollow Heart; an Empty World

I am a software engineer but I'm found of writing my thoughts. Hub pages is a fantastic sight to fulfill my hobby.


A Hollow Heart; an Empty World;

A vacuum desperately demanding gravity;

An ocean with its depth lost,

A tangled path unclipped, unclosed,

A treasure yet to be sought,

An eye veiling secrets,

A hand left untouched,

A sky fathomless;

Hopelessness and despair,

Darken the edges of my dreams.

Still there,s a light that retains my spirit;

A child's wish to be fulfilled,

Embarking on the fluttering hope,

Yet to be extinguished.

It wakes me up to fight, to breath, to live.

I pray for it to be forever in its place,

To outgrow a spark into fire;

To save me from drowning in the waywardness;

To change my dreams into reality;

To come out victorious of every evil;

To vanquish the uprising bitterness;

To replace this hollow heart,

With a glee-filled world.

I pray for it to retain permanence!

© 2018 Afifa Saleem

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