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A Hint of Spring


As ground hog day approaches,

We long to welcome spring,

Will he see his shadow?

What is six weeks left to bring?

The snow and ice of winter,

Occasional burst of sun,

Every creature longing,

To see what has begun.


A hint points to the sky,

Flocks of geese returning home.

In formation, flying high.

They will seldom fly alone.

The sweet aroma fills the air,

Of maple sap boiling strong.

Signs of spring are there,

And has been right along.


Perhaps a robin in the snow,

Finding what she can to eat.

She knows much more than we know.

Digging deep to find her treat.

Animals guided by instinct.

We people can learn from them.

Seasons change, no time to think,

Life revolving with no end.


© 2019 Diana L Pierce

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