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A Higher Power and Why I Believe


Before I was to be born, my father and mother divorced,

My own family members wanted her to have an abortion.

My grandfather, a minister of God, did interfere, just then,

He told them that I was meant to be, them to use caution.

At the age of three, I ran away, to a store miles up the road,

I wanted to swap marbles for candy, as heavy traffic flowed.

An angel of God swooped me up, taking me back to mother,

An old friend had seen my danger, a sign from God, no other.

When I was twelve, on a search for plums, with my step-father,

I almost stepped into a hole, was a poisonous snake to bother.

He held my arm, kept me from harm, did run the serpent away,

As an act from above, I felt his love, my new father was to stay.

At the age of fourteen, on a dare, I attempted to climb a stairwell,

My fingers did slip, I was losing my grip, to know some others fell.

At the last instant, a mysterious hand grasped, had pulled me back,

As I was upside down just then, likely my neck I might have cracked.

Years in high school all full of dread, leg and back injuries, all the while,

Playing football, I met my match, tore down all confidence, in single file.

After trying to join the service, go to Vietnam, turned down by Uncle Sam,

I was in so much despair, my future felt lost, and I just didn't give a damn,

Years later as I attempted to go to college, my frustration was so great,

I felt as though my life was over, and never would I be able to graduate.

As I made an attempt, end my life, a new roommate, suddenly came in,

I hid the belt saved to hang myself, started up a new friendship, just then.

Later another showed me my books, were needed to study in the courses,

Said she would see me in the class, then disappeared, with angelic forces.

Another met in days later on, encouraged me, each change of the seasons,

Kept my hopes high, gave me courage, by and by, only the Lord, his reasons.

I later did so graduate, not once, but three more times, receiving each degree,

Became a teacher of kids with special needs, as the Lord's purpose, I did see.

A much greater reason than satisfying oneself, the lessons of life for us to hold,

The good Lord in Heaven, for us, all knows best, in His good book, it is so told.

Years rolled by, just as all was well, a cancerous growth, was suddenly to appear,

My family were all in despair, as the future looked so bleak, were all so full of fear.

Then over the course of time, all became sublime, that cancer was gone, for good,

The creator still had things for me to do, and it was by then that I realized I should.

Many more times, the Lord intervened, my life was planed and He wanted me to stick around. He still had things for me to do.

Many more times, the Lord intervened, my life was planed and He wanted me to stick around. He still had things for me to do.

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