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A Heavy Vehicle



Everybody has a some sort of New Year resolution. Some succeed and some not. In my case, on my own I failed on sticking to it miserably.


Since I was a little girl I was always under weight

Even still now although I'm a heavy vehicle I'm under weight

Because of my legs I was adviced to reduce my weight

According to my height the weight is almost perfect.

I have been told many times that I have good personality

As I am no longer skin and bones, a wooden like flat piece

I fell and sprained my ankle countless times as you can see

The ointment helped the swelling of my legs and the pain to cease.


My two months vacation began on the friday second of February

When I took my monthly medicine to calm my exhaustion

I have a tendency to fall asleep for one and a half days breakfree

But my forgetfulness took a toil, I fainted and my bone got broken.

I think it was out of habit that I went to grab a midnight snack

I was just sleepy while walking, had a sandwich with strawberry jam

On my return as I entered the living room my world went dark

From my legs upwards a wave of numbness spreadout and I could not stand.

No more Midnight Snacks :(


So I struggled to hold on to something as I tried to sit

I didn't get to a chair so I carefully tried to sit on the floor

Yet I had no control of my falling as I was not fit

I heard a crack, I couldn't keep my leg so I lied on the floor.

The next moment my mom came to my aid and gave me an earful

According to her, she had heard a noise and looked towards my bed

She tried to help me get up but I could not as the leg was painful

Later with God's strength I pushed myself from my butt and got into the bed.

Saturday, my mom went to work saying she'll continue with ointment

But when she came back home like a log my leg was all swollen

As she inspected my leg she carefully put some bone inside which was placed out

Then my mom and brother took me to the hospital and in two places leg was broken.

A nurse kept some ice and temporarily the doctor put a plaster

Took some x-rays and was moved into the ward with a tv

Then they checked my heart which was beating faster

I was told to stay on fasting and to watch some Tv.


So on the morning of Independence day my left leg was operated

Inserting an iron strip with a couple of nails had put the bones together

A doctor who had been working for soldiers who were injured

It was a two hour task and I only had God to keep myself together.

I was terrified seeing the injection siringe which injected to the spine

It was painful, I asked Jesus to be with me and to make me brave

Then they inserted an infusion bottle with Saline

Numbness spread onto my both legs like a wave.

I felt a blanket on me and a tube of warm wind that kept me from freezing

I slept with the memory of the sweet bright smile of the Anesthetic

Who introduced herself before I went into the theater for operating

Lined along with two more trolleys with patients and I felt empathetic.

According to the doctor, he had put a half plaster for the wound to be healed

I was told to come after two weeks to inspect my wound and put the full plaster

I tasted different types of vegetables that I have never eaten before and cooking skills revealed

The food that are prepared by Durdens hospital was so yummy that I enjoyed even after.

Mine is something similar to this


My mom stayed with me and with a walker managed to go to the lavatory

Doctors and nurses kept checking my pressure and giving me medicine

And according to my brother I'm too heavy even for him to carry me

My brother is so sweet that his care and concern is so heart touching.

Three of my brothers friends who are also my church friends

Visited me at the hospital, with their imaginary comments made me smile

Mr. 3 in 1 who is our lovable kungfu panda, Mr.Stock guy and Mr. Sprats

Although I didn't expect, their thoughtfulness made me smile.

Strangely I even had a dream that I had fallen down behind Sweetest Mr. Pooh

As he turned in my dream I was hoping he wouldn't see me lying there on the floor

Even after I got up I didn't pay much attention as it is normal to dream about Sweetest Mr.Pooh

Then I actually end up falling and breaking my bones as I laid on floor.

My mom later said that even my brother had dreamed a person with a broken leg

It was two nights before I did and he had thought it was him who will go through such pain

So he had simply kept quiet and when I ended up with a broken leg

In his own way, but to my surprise, he is so strict and caring.


I do enjoy my company but I do not enjoy being stuck in one place and in one position

Thankfully I get to taste my mom's cooking as she prepares them early morning just for me

Then she keeps vegetable and fruit juice with a bottle of legume stock in addition

Then plenty of water bottles to drink and wash after pooping on my Pooping Stool which my uncle gave me.

A Teak stool made with a hole to keep a small bucket underneath

My uncle gave it to me as my birthday gift since it is difficult to go the bathroom

My mom had kept a bar of soap, two towels to have sponge bathe

Then my mom cleans everything in the night as she comes to the bedroom.

So its been a month since I got my vacation

My mom has put me on a strict weight loss diet

But I wait patiently until sunday for craving satisfaction

I feel as if I'm in Heaven as I get to eat and drink chocolate.

On Sunday my mom with the help of my sister or brother at the tap

Gives me a body wash and a hair wash with a hose in the bedroom

It is very ticklish and added to that the comments of my sister cracks me up

Thanks to my family I have lost my fat since I'm stuck in the bedroom

According to my brother this is the best punishment for a eater like me

Because I have no choice as I can't walk and I would learn some discipline

The intake of food to be reduced by the quantity and increased by the quality

In the night I enjoy a cup of lime tea or green tea as I take my medicine.


So in conclusion I just grabbed this opportunity to eat all the food and juices that my mom make for me. I am thankful to God for giving me such a caring family :) I realized that on my own I fail miserably but by working with a family helps me to achieve my New year resolution to lose weight :)

I thank God that I'm saved as I only had this injury and nothing else is harmed :)

Besides my mom said if I don't learn a lesson from this and ends up with another injury because of my weight, she's going to put me to a government hospital and will not visit me at all. Well my mom can be quite scary. Anyway I find getting injections quite scary too. So with God's grace and help I hope to stay out of trouble :)

© 2018 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa


Rochelle Ann De Zoysa (author) from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on March 14, 2018:

Thank you Sir Billy :) God bless you!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 14, 2018:

Best wishes to you, my young friend. Take care, heal quickly, and blessings to you always.

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