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A Heart Like Mine - My Poem - Bee Gees Song

Poetry that comes from the writer's heart of things she has seen or come to know about, sharing what that heart has learned.

Celebrating Love

What better way to start the year, than celebrating our love on Valentine's Day?

I wrote this poem about six years ago and when pouring over it to get it said just how I wanted it to twist and turn (as I usually do in my poetry for interest). I then came across a song from long ago. I had heard this beauty but had forgotten it and it so brought my poem right together.

It said exactly what I meant. When it is said there is nothing new under the sun I tend to believe it. It may have a different look or words but has the same meaning. It was one of those experiences poetry has given me many times now in my short writing career. Something that alone makes it all worthwhile.

The only thing better then is sharing that with my friends and get their opinion, hoping it does the same for them. Please give the song a shot after the poem. I think you will love it.


Somewhere in This World is a Heart Like Mine


A Heart Like Yours


A Heart Like Mine

I have been searching what seems a lifetime

For a love that I would know when I found

I already have the love inside my heart

Yet searching the whole wide world around

I was born with this love, it has always been

Just yearning for the other half of me

I would never give up this amazing feeling

Even though, sometimes, it hurts to be

I will know when I find the one who is right

The one that will make me so complete

Then I will know all the years were not

Useless, for this heart of mine, to beat

In pain looking at times and wondering

When will I ever in this life find

One who I have been waiting for

The one my heart has in mind


No, I cannot imagine the face, nor try

Looks are a very silly thing, in love

Most look there and many will fail

Love is a feeling somewhat as a glove

It will wrap around you and keep you

Warm and safe, now and forevermore

Protect you from the world to be secure

Never leave you ever, be all you waited for

I will know when I have found my true love

Oh… and knowing it will be so very fine

Knowing the one who will be searching too

Will be the other half, of a heart like mine


So Many Bleeding Hearts


A Heart Like Mine

© 2018 Jackie Lynnley

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