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A Hard Lesson Learnt During Coronavirus

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


He is a micro-business person in his island, he started his business about eight years ago,

One thing he has been noticing in the business he is doing is that the more the investment, the

More the gain. He starts to think of what he needs to do to add to his source of income, for

Except that is done, he doubts if he will ever leave the position he is because of other

Necessary bills that he cannot but pay. Even if he does not fall sick, for no one prays to fall

Sick, he will need to pay some necessary bills: like house rent, buying foods, for he cannot

Use the entire year to fast, buying cosmetics among other things. Those little things cannot

Be ignored, and they are being deducted from the money he is making as he has gotten no

Helper. He has been thinking about what he can do till the government of the island asks that

The micro-business persons apply for loans. He alongside others applied for the loans to

Boost their businesses. This kind of loan is being roll out at interval by the government of the

Island to business people. It has been noticed that there have been some people who are not

Business people who have obtained the loans in the past, and they have eloped with the

Money and could not be traced. The leaderships of the island do not want this new loan to be

Like that and thence have asked that all should include the addresses of their stores, or shops

While filling the forms. After the forms have been filled and submitted people have been

Assigned by the government to go and see the addresses submitted if it is true or false. Those

People who have left false addresses have been struck out while those with authentic

Addresses have been left. Business people have been monitoring the development of this

From the website of the government that has been given them. the latest news heard is that

The loans would be disbursed the following month. They were all happy to hear the news and

Have their eyes on the following month. However, the unexpected happened by month

Ending as the Secretary in charge of the loan disbursement had a heart attack and died. After

Mourning his death, the government replaces him as there can be no vacuum in government

Work. The newly appointed person on assumption of office, issued out a circular that all

Those who have registered for the loan should re-register. He canceled all that his

Predecessor has done. He alongside others, re-registered and they completed the process to

Time. The new Secretary has said that immediately after the verification of stores and

Offices, he will start the disbursement. The verification was barely completed when

Coronavirus outbreak happens. The circular issued out by the world health bodies is that

Everyone stay safe. After some days that there has been no news of anyone infected in the

Island where the young man lives, he says, Covid-19 is hoax invented by the leaderships of

The world and some rich people of the world to cage the entire world. “I will not allow

Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"

Myself to be caged by anyone” he says, as he ignored all the safety measures and keep

Doing what he was doing. He went to visit one of his friends, who he does not know traveled

Out of the island and after they have had a wonderful time together, he returns to his abode.

Some days after this he started noticing that changes in his temperature, loss of sense of

Smell, body weakness, sneeze, difficulty breathing and dry cough. He at first wants to hide

This, but when his neighbor notices this they alert the health personnel and he was tested.

Low and behold he turns out positive to Covid-19. After noticing this people had to be

Placed in quarantine as they continue to treat him. His situation was severe that he died a

Week after hospitalization. The week he died, the government of the island has issued memo

To all top officers of the need to start doing skeletal works so that the economy will not

Be totally grounded. Those works that could be done from home are encouraged to be done,

Including giving all those who have qualified to receive the loan their loans, for in time like

This they will need money to keep themselves together. The Secretary issued a circular to

The bank where the money has been kept for the loan to be disbursed into the accounts of

Those business people. It was disturbing that because he ignored the words of the medical

Experts and the advice of people he could not eat out of what he has labored for. His

Junior sister on hearing about the news checked his email account from his laptop because he

Has saved his password on his laptop and he sees that his account has been credited with the

Money, but he could not make use of it, because he is dead. When her sister told one

Elder person he says, there is an adage in the island that says, “death today, blessings

Tomorrow, the death of today will not allow us to reap the rewards of our labors tomorrow,

That is why we need to be careful in all we are doing in life, when people are cautioning

Us, when government is cautioning us, we need to apply wisdom and not be heady, for in that

is our safety”, he said as he shakes his head and leaves her presence….


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