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A Happy World of My Own Make: A Poem

Val enjoys writing his own style of what resembles poetry, just hoping to catch someone's heart on the same page.


With a mind used to a strong conscious grip

and with my playful soul so pure and sane

I daily undertake this joyful quantum trip

into magic unseen in this world of pain.

That's where gloomy day sparkles in joy

and golden anniversary is that first date

unfavorable event being my favorite toy

as love embraces every reason for hate.

People look innocent like kids they used to be

tied up in their familiar -- if not ancient game

apparently all pissed, but the way I can see

just being too cute as to deserve a blame.

My quantum field all sprinkled with flowers

behaving exactly like I am intending it to be

not a result of some weird personal powers

but simply of the soul that chooses its glee.

For, reality is not what appears as fact

but what we make of it in our own soul

so it's this pure magic of my chosen act

and that very fabric of every future goal.

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