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A Haiku Anthology

John is passionate about human and animal rights, social justice, equality, and the environment, and likes to convey that in his writing.

Bullfrog on a Lilpad

Bullfrog on a Lilpad

What is a Haiku Poem?

Basic Definition

A haiku is a three-line poem where the first line has five syllables, the second has seven, and the third has five. The style originated in Japan, and while anything can be the subject, most traditional haiku are about nature or natural wonders.

Here’s a haiku:

"If you can’t pronounce

the word haiku, remember

big HIGH, little coo."

The word haiku is a shortened version of the Japanese phrase haikai no ku, which translates as “light verse.”




Pond Life

1. Turtle lifts its head

To inhale a breath of air

Then dives back under.

2. On the lily pond

Dragonflies skim the water

Bullfrogs call a mate.

3. Sacred lotus bloom

Sitting silent in the pond

Your beauty worshipped.

4. Green frog in a pond

Sitting on a lily pad

Croaking in delight.

5. No ugly duckling

But just a beautiful swan

Gliding gracefully.

6. A pond attracts life

Frogs, turtles, bugs, and flowers

Each one has its place.



Praying For Rain

7. Is climate change real?

Causes much heated debate

Or is that cool maybe?

8. The sun is shining

There's not a cloud in the sky

The drought is too long.

9. Fires out of control

Destroying homes and wildlife

Let's all pray for rain.

10. Rain, rain hear our call

The land is parched and dying

Resurrection time.

11. Look up at the clouds

Floating white in the blue sky

Will they form rain drops?

12. A fresh breeze blows in

Signalling a storm's approach

We should take cover.

13. Waking up to rain

Tap tapping on the window

Makes my day happy.

14. The weather is hot

But it’s raining outside

Humid but welcome.

15. It’s raining again

Thunder and lightning

Storm before the calm.

16. After the rain ends

A rainbow may soon appear

Where’s the connection?

River and waterfall

River and waterfall

Bodies of Water

17. A small stream trickles

But as it travels it grows

Into a river.

18. The river is wide

Flowing and meandering

Through hills and valleys.

19. The river rages

Destroying all in its path

Flood waters, beware!

20. The sea is so vast

Connecting the continents

Ships sail across it.

21. Mighty waterfall

Nothing is more beautiful

Or more powerful

22. Give praise to the lakes

Water sport recreation

Fishing and boating.

23. A bear sits watching

The rivulet flowing by

Fish for lunch today.

24. Salmon swim upstream

Against the flowing current

Spawn, then die, the quest.

25. Water, all around

We need it for survival

And to keep us clean.

© 2020 John Hansen

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