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A Guardian Angel Poem

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I'm a girl who wants to spread more awareness of spirituality and gives thanks to my wonderful spirit guides


A Loving Embrace

From the minute you are born, you are never alone,

Even without family, you'll always have a home.

On unhappy days, with tears streaming down your face,

Unbeknownst to you, you may be caught in a warm embrace.

There will be times where things are tough,

But always remember, to your angels, you'll always be enough.

Life is full of obstacles, and can act like a bumpy rollercoaster ride,

But through thick and thin, light and dark, your angels will be there to guide.

Practice gratitude, acknowledge your angels, give thanks to them at night,

Open your mind, notice the signs, your angels will deliver you to the light.

© 2022 EmoWitch

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