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A Gratifying Experience


When you feel as though

you've done your very best,

Despite all the tough struggles

and the most terrible pain.

No matter how so hard

old times were back then,

You kept on trying, wouldn't quit,

and with all the strain.

Was something inside you

that gave you strength,

Made your heart and soul

strong as they could be.

Never in most fantastic dreams

all this for you to ever imagine,

Beyond all thoughts completely,

and not ever for you to see.


As you pick up those broken pieces

of a life lived in such misery,

March forward on that road of life,

to face each impossibility.

Using every ounce of courage

that you can summon then,

A new, so welcomed way of life,

and at last, does so begin.

The great father of us all in heaven

is sitting there upon his throne,

Looking down on us, his children,

so happy to see how we've grown.

He created our world of richness,

and it is ours here to remain,

As long as we're here on this earth,

having everything to gain.


In our very hearts and of our spirits,

we each know its meaning as he says,

"Well done good and faithful children,

Well done," and is of our best.

When we remember who has made us,

and just how much we mean, our worth,

We understand why we have courage,

For was a part of us at our own birth.


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