A Goose Tail of Intuition

Updated on May 1, 2018
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Cally L Sumpter is a wife, mother, and business owner in Arvada Colorado. She is a certified spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner.

Wings to Heaven

Further and Further into the even

Distant shores mirrored tranquil mind

There returned the un-fallible stillness

Sleepy eyes finally closed to where

The still bird shadows flying within a forested thickness

Floating from eternal heights ontop the waving water

Glistening as if flickering city lights

Children's laughter echoed as geese feet skid landed

Wings folded in slightly, primping dry feathers with crisp clear lake water

Refreshing to dip thirsty beak tilting long neck swallowing

Numb legs of webbed feet swimming

Gaining feeling from long flight returning later...

Gazing eyes into a vast sky lingering back from there to now

To be a gander afar, the moment seen as wings to Heaven

Across the skies flying free, eyesight keen upon the world below

Warmth from angel feathers and the hint of a goose tail

I became a flying goose


Allow Yourself Be Be Free and Be Creative When You Meditate

I sat out on my porch and began to take four deep cleansing breaths. Then began to ground myself to the earth. I continued to finish my meditation, and as I sat completely relax and breathing four more deep cleansing breaths, I heard the honking of geese. I slowly opened my eyes and glanced up towards the sky. I could see the v formation of the geese flock flying steadily over our house. The sky was lit with the beginnings of an orangey-pink sunset. I emitted a little gasp watching the beautiful scenery and then I once again closed my eyes.

Breathe four deep breaths from your diaphram, deeper than your chest.

I was flying, as a goose, way up high in the sky.

I could see another goose flying next to me. Then I gazed forward to see more flying in front of me. I looked down and the height made me dizzy for a moment and I lost control of my wings for a moment. I looked ahead once again and began to fly in unison with my fellow geese.

Slowly, together we began to dive downwards heading to a body of water shimmering with colors reflecting the western sunset.


To be a gander afar, the moment seen as wings to Heaven

See with different eyes, that can give you ideas for creativity and insight.

We landed on the lake, spraying up water all around us, as we skidded to a stop. Shaking out our wings, preening our feathers and taking sips of water, we glided towards the middle of the lake. Another goose came over and nuzzled against me as we swam together.

I felt myself once again in my chair. I was startled for a moment, then that passed and I began to realize what I had just witnessed. As a poet, the words began to swirl around my head, I jumped up and raced inside to grab my journal and pen. I began to write my goose tale.


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