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A Cute Family Movie

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Mothers Day

Taking the people we love

Either our husband or wife

A new love or our children

Daughters and sons

Tied in with relationships

The blues and awkward real life situations

Prejudices and people who don't want to change

Funny situations

Melt downs

Unexpected pregnancy and working life

Throwing in accidents

The irrational

Little bits of humor

Part comedy with a little real life drama

Divorced mother of two boys

X - husband still very much in the kids lives

The young new love

A widower with two girls

Grieving father and his loss

An upcoming comic

A celebrity with a rough past

In laws and their differences

A mixed ethnic marriage

Two lesbians with their adopted son

Toss in tension

Small mix ups

That can be seen at home instead of on the big screen

With a big old smothered, buttered popcorn

All make a light hearted comedy special

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