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A Good Work Out

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Does Your Body Good

It can be anything that makes your body physically tired

For some people it is going to the gym

Then other people prefer a day in the garden

A good walk around the block

Shooting some baskets and running back and forth

Going to the beach for the day

Taking a swim in the water

Many find a busy day at work will do the trick

The list continues...

The amazing thing is

So often we are giving our brain a rest

We don't have to think

Our focus is on our body

In whatever activity we are doing

So much so we may have one occurring thought

I am thirsty or when am going to eat

I find this so refreshing

My mind has no time to think of anything but

Any problems I have are quietly put on hold

They are not forgotten

Just put on the back burner for the time being

We can feel our muscles tense and stretch

In our minds we are starting to make plans for tomorrow

I think it is to do nothing but relax

How great is that

Our body is working in harmony

Finding ways to do things

At different times pushing our bodies to the limit

We have to be careful

To know when to stop

I have done all these things I mentioned above

I plan on to keep doing everything until I can't do it no more

A healthy mind and body need to coexist

Providing us with the best possible life