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A Good Way To End Every Day

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Let Us Try A Quick Review

It is so easy to forget

All the good that we do

From morning to night

It seemed so long ago

It is always a challenge to highlight the best moments in time

We have to learn there are many tough times along the way

That can make us confused and frustrated

That knock us of our feet

Test our thoughts and beliefs

Make us twist and squirm

When we like what we do

Then we try everything in our power

To do it again and again

Savoring each pleasure as it comes

The combination of work and home life

A tug of war

Sometimes we win after a long struggle

Then there are those times we have lost

We have to keep track of our emotions

Experiencing so many degrees of excellence

Capturing our thoughts

Freezing the sweetness

Like a freeze pop

Ready to pull out at a later time

So we can reinforce our positive traits

Not to forget

The places where we are weak

Using our energy and effort in these areas

That we suffer

Will make us better

The key is to build us up

When everyone else is tearing us down

Until we will finally come around

It is so hard to go slow

When everyone we know

Is speeding bye

Remember today is only one day

Of the whole year

I like to write a few key things I did

Date it so I can look back in the near future

Giving myself a track record

So I can move forward

Enjoy my accomplishments

Use my mistakes as a foot stool to lift me higher

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