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A Good Movie Is So Delightful

What Will It Be This Time

A funny comedy or a serious drama

Maybe a documentary or a war film

All out silly with kids humor

Many people are drawn to horror

I see enough in real life

I don't need any extra

There are so many to pick from

The choice is limitless

I have watched my fair share

Todays movie was ....

Now that is too easy

How about if I describe what I remember and see if you can guess

Two famous women actresses play the leading roles

An adult theme but suitable for families

I happy ending and a mystical adventure

Where good people over power bad

Dreams are made and shattered

Only to let new dreams finally come to light

Not made this year or last

But not too old either

I left it vague so you could come up with a list of choices

Then I will give more clues as time goes on

The movie was just about an hour and a half

I walked away pleasantly surprised

Would I recommend it to a friend

Yes, light hearted and we can relate to our friendships

That bring us together instead of pulling us apart