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A Good Day At Work

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Makes My Life A Little Easier

I go into work ready to do my job

Some how other workers don't feel that way

It's o,k,

They live their life

I am only responsible for my own life

So I am ready to work

Then till the end of my shift

I keep giving my best effort

No matter how busy

No matter how tired

No matter what goes wrong

Things have a way of going haywire

Real fast and can get real bad

i have learned from my past

Hang in there even the toughest times don't last

Yesterday was an exception

Minor issues nothing to worry about

I was scheduled to work 12 to 9

I stayed a little later for a co-worker

So I worked twelve to eleven

It worked out well for both of us

He got to leave early

I got to earn some extra money

By the end of the day

We all get along

There were times in the past

Where we butt heads

The bottom line is things have to get done

Depending on who you work with

It can be a hair raising and nail biting experience

Some people are just hard to get along with

Other people are just a pain in the butt

So chock up another day of work

Another notch in my belt

A good days work

Something I can be proud of

I hope you enjoy your job

On the good days and the bad ones too

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