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A Glimpse of Home

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


The humanity is wearied, maybe

The chaos and the noice

The sufferings the painful cry

The heart breaking scenarios you couldn't believe

A person can do,

Others actions and words are already hell

What am I supposed to do in here you asked,

Behind every smile is a lonely heart but who's not?

The people are breaking every second of every single day

Some moments or twice or three times a month

And here's my warm hug and love for those who have to deal with it

Every single blink of their eyes,

I have the feeling as well, and it's like the season here

And when it pour? It makes me feel like I have a great unknown

Connection to the loneliness of the entire universe

Where everything and everyone don't make sense

It feels like it was just me and this wide quiet lonely world

The sufferings and life difficulties are real, you see

The poverty and inequality are real, you see

The unjust and injustice are real, you see

We are to witness it all experience it all

Doing our very best keeping our lamp brighter

Trying peace to remain still while heart is bitterly bothered

If your heart is real

Or if you have a heart

Or if you know you have a heart

It will be broken in so many way

Loneliness is no one's friend

But we have each other

A heart that is wide open can grasp almost everything

The obvious and the most hidden

The joy and the pain

Our life story is already written

Every chapter and every single word is a hand written

Your first cry on earth was the beginning of your real death

And when the end is in front of you

You'll figure it out that those days, those choices

Those actions and those decisions was your future

And today where you think is the end

Is actually just the beginning

There's something inside you now

It's kinda cold and hot like it's actually wordless

Can you feel it?

Then your soul start to make you feel that deadly longing

It feels like someone it makes you feel like somewhere

You were so sure that someone don't belong here

And that somewhere cannot be found in here either

You take the risk to slow down, this time your heart is calm and

Your mind is in peace

You love that don't you?

Then you whisper and you were so sure

This someone is listening and He's just around you

Or sitting beside you or in front of you

Where are You? you asked

It's not a voice or an appearance

It was a conversation soul by soul

And heart by heart

That somewhere is here that someone is here

Where are You, you asked

I am here My dearest one

His voice is in tears but of joy

And your heart just so love that

For it feels like home, that voice feels like home

That presence feels like home

And it is home indeed

The candle inside you now is kindled

There's nothing else is more important now

You start to seek more of those so good conversation

Under the blue open sky where you wander

Seeking for something like that

You realized this is what you've been longing for

You start to notice and appreciate the most simple

Million little things

You now realized that a laughter with the entire family

On the table is a glimpse of heaven

That conversation heart by heart with your father

Is a glimpse of heaven

That super tight hug from your mom

Is a glimpse of heaven

A simple sweet smile from a stranger

Is a glimpse of heaven

A helping hand of your friend, sister, and brother

Is a glimpse your home they called heaven

The rain may pour, your knees might be shaken

Under the gray clouds is no longer a lonely one

Instead you stood still and wait for the rainbow to come

You always want to be so close to that someone

Like a baby on her fathers arm

You bow your head and bend your knees


My Lord bring me wherever You go

Though I know wherever my heart is

It's where You goeth,

Be there always wherever my heart is

For without You this life will be pointless.

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