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A Generation Next?!

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Disturb the silence

Engage in violence

Generations of no care

Accepting every deadly dare

They are the ones who

Fill up the trending news

Preaching words, they don’t know

Careless actions they will show

They think they have a movement

But nothing has been proven yet

So, they tear the system down

Making sure you hear them now

Making sense on a stand they can’t explain

Killing and beating victims is their thing

With no clue on how to act

Civilized and educated with no facts

They think they have the answers they need

But no curiosity is there to feed

No clues as to what comes next

Just continue to act like a threat

Medias make them seem like heroes

Without a direction of sense, they know

Pushing blame on others they try

As more people seem to die

And we it is time to face the truth

They will point the finger back at you

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