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A Great Old Tree

Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.


In the towering heights of a mountain,

there lives a great old tree.

She grows in the blast of sunshine and

lots of rain shower for free.

When I visit the mountains,

she welcomed me with a smile.

She offer me trinkets in her branch,

and sometimes, stories from squirrels and bats.

The great old tree is ninety-two to be exact.

She has shades of grays and touch of whites.

It cannot be denied that wisdom is at hand.

For the great old tree is ninety-two to be exact.

I cannot help but asked,

how the great old tree survived?

Those long years without someone,

seemed to be lonely and sad.

But the great, great old tree,

remains to stand by proud.

Stretched it branches so wide,

growing mighty and proud.

Then I said to myself,

maybe I know the reason why.

Why the great, great old tree,

has survived all this time.

She grows on the highest mountain,

and received the warmest sunshine.

She sleeps in the great meadows,

beneath the starry skies.

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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