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A Funny Summer Experience in Philippines.

A Funny Summer Delight in Philippines.


Walking on white sand.

Bare footed.


Fancy sun glasses.

Flexing stretchmarks in bikinis.

Feeling sexy.

With my belly.

Looking jiggly and fluffy.

Who needs floaters and ring buoys,

When I have plenty in my tummy?

I run and run like crazy.

As if someone's chasing me.

Look! An ice cream vendor!

That's what I'm running for.

This summer heat,

I can beat with a cold treat.

Scoop, scoop, and one more.

Ube, cheese, mango, avocado.

Lovely flavors.

Sometimes there's macapuno too.

What flavors are in Manong's cart?

Love to try them with Pandesal!

Buko Ice Cream? or Buko Pie?

Buko Salad? or Buko Juice?

Buko everywhere in this lovely paradise.

Just be careful.

Beware of falling Buko!

When it hits your head,

You get BUKO-L.

It's painful!

You can eat coconut on its own.

While singing;

Coconut nut is a giant nut!

Drink the juice fresh,

Just poke a straw and you're good to go!

Look I see another vendor!

Selling Maruya and Buttered Pancakes.

Yellowish Pancakes covered with sugar, tons of sugar!

I bought two pieces.

Sipping my buko juice in plastic with straw,

Then munching on my pancakes!

Sweet and delish!

Just in time.

Walking round and round.

People are gossiping about their neighbors.

I stopped going circles.

Ahhh. What a beautiful view.

Sun so round.

Perfect circle in orange - red color.

Reflection shows under the sea.

The afternoon sky.

Little pinkish and orange in between.

The sun has set.

Time to buy some Pasalubongs.

At souvenir shops.

Let's go with:

Shirts with I (heart) (destination's name),

Ref magnets, and mugs.

For our friends who loves pasalubongs.

Let's not forget to take a picture.

Sitting by the sea,

Pointing a finger to the sky.

Shot from the back.

Showing just a silhouette.

It's a classic pose.

Make sure the stars are visible.

After 500 shots (of pictures) later.

It's time to buy hot and warm pugo from Manong.

Who also sells;

Chicharon, mani, balut/penoy

All in his tiny basket.

Enjoy these late night treats.

While playing uno cards,

Jamming with friends on a bonfire,

Reminiscing fond memories,

or Simply pondering on Life.

Life used to be so simple and fun.

What has make it complicated?

Enjoy life and be happy.

See you around!

Treat me some turon and kwek kwek next time!

A fictional summer day dream.

Now craving for a pint of ice cream.


Stay Hydrated. Keep Safe.

© 2022 Gianella Labrador