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A Fun Day

When You Wake Up From A Good Nights Sleep

Every thing you do after

Is just like a magic carpet ride

There are no worries

All day couldn't have been better

You went with the flow

One thing led into another

You not only met your new neighbors

You helped them move in a huge entertainment center

Up and over a railing, in a tight door way, twenty -five steps off the ground

Which could have turned out many different ways

There were other highlights that were just as special

The weather turned a little warmer for December

There were some more leaves to be raked

Almost done just before the first snow fall

I enjoy eating a delicious pomegranate

Every mouthful was more amazing than the last

I had to go to the dump

To get rid of our trash

There was no line

I also had to throw away a few things that got ruined

When we got water in our basement

On the bright side

It could have been so much worse

After all is said and done

I have also learned to appreciate all I do have

I cherish all the good times and memories

Planning on making many new ones

When the sun goes down we know the day is more than half over

Summing up all the key moments

Spending quality alone time with my wife

Talking and sharing our most intimate thoughts

Drinking plenty of water all through the day

Doing some back exercises helping me feel better

Eating a healthy garden salad with our meal

Thinking of new thoughts

That makes my spirit come alive

Having a little caramel popcorn

To help satisfy my sweet tooth cravings

A wonderful combo of the good and the bad

Relaxing with a little reading

Talking to my cousin who lives out of state

Winding down after a refreshing shower

Ready to call it a night

I can never get enough

Of all the people that make my day a real joy

Then I can rehash all the activities that I did

Getting the most out of my day

In every special way