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A Froggy Christmas


It was the special night before Christmas in the swamp,

All over that foggy bayou, just as well, at every house.

The critters were stirring, even those happiest of frogs,

The Blue Herons, several crawdads, one big old mouse.

Stockings were hung on the Cedar limbs with all care,

Hoping that jolly old Santa Clause soon would be there.

I, in my warm kerchief, mamma frog, in her new blouse.

All looked in the sky for that chubby man, every spouse.


Folks back in the town were without any cheer, this was clear,

The Spirit of Christmas seemed to have left, all to disappear.

None were nice to others, sisters or brothers, in any greeting,

It was as though the spirit had almost died, sadly, was fleeting.

One old fellow who liked to visit that swamp, only at night time,

Got to witness happy critters there, who had reason, and rhyme.

The joyful froggies all croaked in song, night birds joined, to call,

The crickets and Katy-dids answered back, a chorus, one and all.


The man's excitement was showing as he told the townsfolk,

While many there thought it was nonsense, all some big joke.

They up and decided to go see for themselves late one night,

If this tall tale proved true, they wanted to see that it was right

Upon arriving, the critters that evening were happy as could be,

Their musical greeting was so beautiful and it was plain to see.

It was then the Spirit of the Christmas season, returned, at last,

Many there decided to sing carols, they had enjoyed in the past.


Who would have known that swampy critters had such an effect,

But that's how it was, folks, the creatures shared much respect.

From that special evening on, there was a truce and all goodwill,

Shown by the townsfolk and each critter, the true spirit all did feel.

That little old chubby Santa Clause arrived just in the nick of time,

Revealed the Christmas spirit of giving, made our evening sublime.

We always do share the story of the Christ Child, that we all know,

The special Christmas spirit we all hold inside, if shared, it will grow.

Have a Merry Christmas from the critters in the swampy bayou...

Have a Merry Christmas from the critters in the swampy bayou...

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