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A Good Book Is a Friend for Life

Sometimes I write poetry rather than history articles. Enjoy this short write. Imagine a world without books...and shudder!

A good book is a lifelong friend.

A good book is a lifelong friend.

A wise friend once smiled, said to me

With absolute joy and certainty

“It’s a poor life without stories, their hook,

You’re never alone with a good book.”

I submit, I wholeheartedly agree

I can’t forego ink friends and enemies

Lodgers in tomes littered with adversity

Motives, rewards, crimes, loves, integrity

Words wend through pages of neat script

Work their magic, ensure you’re gripped

You travel far but stay in your comfy chair

Glad to forget for a time this world’s cares

Eyes wide, heart races. A great tale unfurls

The minutes pass you by in a plot twist whirl

From cover to cover you don’t want it to end

True: a good book is your lifelong best friend.


© 2022 Joanne Hayle

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