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A Four Leaf Clover Friendship~for Ms Brendas Prompt

Chrish is a poetry writer who loves to paint, nature and dog lover, who write for herself and happy to share it with you.


I considered Ms Brenda Arledge as my fairy godmother and my friend

Who will tell you straightforwardly whatever it is that

You need to know. Oh yes! I love her

To the moon and back (wink)

Like the stars above the


Some nights are there

And some nights aren't

But you know in your

Heart they're always there.

The friend who stands by your side

Wether you're under the

Worlds wrath, wether you want

To smile or not, the true ones


To make you laugh.

The ones who dance with you

Beneath the rain,

The ones who packed your

Things when life gets hard

And push you to climb mountains,

The ones who ask you over and over

About your burdens

And laughs at you once again.

They are the ones who loves

Yourself when you hardly can't, they're

The ones who hold your heart

When your world is broken,

They're the ones who shared

Advices that never work in them

But still, proudly to offer.

The ones who would look up

To the darkened sky with,

And murmured out of the blue

I can see what our old and senile

Age looks like, I saw myself pushing

You on a wheelchair gray and weak,

Our day will just fell anyway.

(But, wasn't that fun!?)

We inspired each other by how

We both tolerate our imperfections,

We help each other of how ourselves

Should be, we are each others wings

When both forgets

On how to fly,

We are the ones who don't

Force bad things to be good

But sit down with it and cry

Until our throat gets dried

Then we look each other

And weep all night.

Me and you are more than friends

With the same psychological disorders

We feed ourselves with

Recyclable garbages

The world might don't like us,

But who cares if we like us.

Our friendship is like a four leaf


So really hard to find and so

Lucky to have.

Beneath the billion twinkling stars

In the darkened sky,

What makes you so hard to find.

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