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A Flower in the Dark Room

Ashutosh has no clue about poetic expressions. He just tries to be expressive with the thoughts in his head.


Flower in the Dark Room

Bathing in the sunlight
playing in the mud
Those familiar surroundings
from where it was plucked
Expectations sure
but not a clue
Of things ahead
and what it'd be put through
Dreams transformed into nightmare
Life became a quagmire
Only sinking into depths unknown
of confined spaces with many facets
End of happiness
the next chapters all gloomy
A tragic tale or just another story

Yes! The sun still shines
and the mud's still wet
But like a train through an endless tunnel
Everything's a miss
So much noise yet the silence
Petals falling before full bloom
beauty now destined to doom
Reduced to an object
ruined in many ways
In summer nights
and even rainy days
Seasons change
but nothing changes
Except the flower
already has come to age

What lies ahead is another story
In fact there are many more
In these known spaces of anonymity
There's Lily, Daisy, Rose
and rooms full of those
destined for the same fate
Yet many left from this prose
For they are still buds
And you got to respect the boundaries
between what you can say
and what you can fix

© 2020 Ashutosh Joshi

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