A Fire In The Fever

Updated on November 23, 2017
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Shafqat Mushtaq is author of poetry book 'Spring Thoughts: in summer light.' He has 3 year experience as Freelance Writer, and Essayist.

A wild fever like forest fire

Set on flame and kindled a fire in my soul.

The darkness outside my dilapidated home,

I presume, assembled to carry out my ruin!

A conspiracy I smell in the misty air,

and in the gloom surrounding my town.

The dead dark ambiance of my room,

No doubt signaled an imminent danger,

Ah, but poor my fate! my inner light!

In mist diminution took pace.

In rage, the loss of sight enraged my face!

It faded away and,

Puzzled and minced my already,

Tattered but shrewd intellect in grief!

How cruel! The fever inside!

And darkness outside escalating my fear,

On it a demon disguised and well hidden followed,

Shook hands with me, uttered words that conjured

A pleasant, a friendly and well-wisher image.

but rage, it blinded my intellect firstly,

And now in spell it cast,

The dust into my acute eyes ...

The demon-friend convinced me to ...

To light the fire to cast away the dead-darkness.

Poor soul! The fire flashes and fever jolts,

Together they invited a holocaust

Of fire flames and smoke puffs.

The ember-like-wilderness between red and black,

And I was thrown in it mercilessly ...

Now fire and fire was everywhere,

In and out, up and down,beyond the tangible realm.

I lived among the compeers bless-less.

I was the king a minute before ...

Though burning with fever, but my intrusion

Into somewhere prohibited,

In no time into ashes my existence flew,

It flew again, assembled and then flew again,

In the form of meaningless and nothingness ash ...

© 2017 Shafqat Mushtaq


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