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A Final Farewell: A Poem

TaJuan is an aspiring writer hoping to gain experience and growth through publishing passionate works, like this one, online for the world.


The day had died

While the night lived on.

In the dark

Eyes closed,

Mind high,

Body limp

On my bed:

I was ready to let the music transport me to

Wherever I needed to go.

Music brings me joy like no other.

Like the pictures on my phone

Or the books on my shelves,

Music holds memories,

Some bringing glorious happiness,

Others bringing dreary sadness,

Yet, the music was beautiful all the same.

It had been a rough couple of days,

So, to overcome my slump,

I chose to listen to one of my favorite artists,



Here lies a double-edged sword,

For that artist has also become intertwined

With a singular person,

A person who can sour my entire day,

An entire week,

With even a slight mention.

That person is:

My ex-girlfriend.

It was one of the first things we bonded over.

I started listening to Joji before we had started dating,

But as we spent more time with each other,

The music was no longer exclusively appreciated by me,

For she enjoyed it,


Even more than I had.

To be able to even listen to some of these songs and not think of her

Was miraculous,

Yet, I managed.

I managed all the way up until this one album,


With the timing of its release

Being at a high point of our relationship

Combined with the themes of love that Joji preaches,

Nectar broke the barrier between the music

And my memories of her.

Though the lovely thoughts of her began to drown my mind

In a ferocious flood,

Fleeing was not an option.

I was determined to listen to the album all the way through.

No matter the amount of pain that surfaces.

She wasn’t going to take this away from me too.

Wasn’t taking my heart enough?

She was the sweetest,

Akin to the album’s title,

Truly the bee's knees.

Flawed for sure,

Too many to count,

It was pretty toxic,

But love blinds you to such things.

That’s the thing,

We were in love.

She was my




I have yet to feel anything even similar to what I felt with her.

We were flying,

We were pure,

We were invincible.

Until we weren’t.

But I refused to get to that point.

I refused to think of the negatives,

The downfall,

The demise of us.

But once a song,

Our song,

“Like You Do,” played,

There no longer was a choice on the matter.

“I can't help but think that our roads might take us down different phases.”

We became different people,

Lost each other in our personal mazes.

You wanted to stay home,

And became addicted to the app on your phone.

Tick tock,

The clock moans.

Our relationship was nearing expiration,

For I desired exploration.

I wanted to see the world,

Meet new boys and girls.

To summarize

Our song,

Became a “bittersweet lullaby”

So we broke it off,


But being together became habitual.

With her right beside me,

“All the gloomy days shined a little more brightly.”

Mighty, was our connection,

Bodies used,

Minds confused,

We couldn’t let the relationship die.

So, while the label needed to be edited

I couldn’t exit it,

Because there was no one like her on this whole planet.


We were not exclusive,

And she would use this,

To her advantage,

Leaving me mentally damaged,


We ended it.

There was no mending it.

Friendship: we tried,

But that too


It was time to finally,

After a year and a half,



Now, alone in my room,

Knowing she’s out there somewhere,


And then there was me,


In the dark,

Eyes closed,

Mind high,

Body limp

On my bed,


“You’re the one I can’t lose/

No one loves me like you do.”

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